Cam to cam dating

The beauty of Fruzo lies in a simple concept of meeting potential matches face to face on video chat.

Other dating apps are carbon copies of each other, using the tired premise of viewing pictures of potential matches and chatting via a text messaging service, diminishing face to face interpersonal skills and increasing the likelihood of bots, fake profiles, and scams.

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Released at the beginning of September on the i Tunes App Store and due for release on Google Play before the end of the year, the Fruzo app has exploded in popularity with over one million monthly users and a dizzying surge up the Alexa global website rankings.

There will also be a universal folio phone case for all 4-to-6 inch phones.

He has a knack for flowers and has a small flower shop outside the cafe.

Once per week on Saturday or Sunday, talk to Cam between 10am and 12pm to learn about flowers.

His friendship needs to be at 35,000 (technically 4 and a half flowers) before he'll give you a flower horoscope.

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