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It didn’t take much time for Mary to catch the eye of Kerry’s older brother Bobby Kennedy Jr.— even though he was married to wife Emily Black at the time, with two children. HOUSEKEEPER DISCOVERS MARY KENNEDY'S BODY From that point on, she became what she had always wanted to be: a wife and mother.He soon had his first marriage annulled, some say through Vatican connections, and Mary became Mrs. From a family of five sisters herself, Mary Kennedy had four children with Bobby, and she devoted herself to her family.

According to the Daily Mail, she met Kennedy at a gym.

The first is “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines, whom Kennedy began dating the year they both filed for divorce. The other is Greenwich, Conn., homemaker Chelsea Chapman Kirwan, who has been romantically linked to Kennedy in her headline-grabbing divorce battle.

Kennedy’s late wife, Mary Richardson, shared several lists of suspected “other women” with a friend two months before she committed suicide in May 2012.

“Anyone who knows Bobby intimately should be aware that he has an addictive personality involving both drugs and sex,” the best-selling author told me.

The National Enquirer reported earlier this month that Kennedy had been carrying on an affair with a married woman while he was dating Hines, whom he plans to marry this summer on Cape Cod.

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