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Now that these instruments are hitting the "magical" 25-year mark, they have suddenly gained attention.

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The seller told me it`s a vintage 60`s reissue body from the classic serie`s. ebay for fakes, there is forums on how to spot one, I ran you serial on that site above and came back with nothing, I run my MIM strat and tells me this: Your guitar was made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in the Year(s): 2008 - 2009_________________2009 Fender Standard Stratocaster - S1 switching system insatlled w SCN Pickups - GFS Brass Trem Block - Lake Placid Blue w Maple Neck

Tone had never, until then, been the primary reason for a guitarist to go electric, but in 1943, when Fender and his partner, Clayton Orr "Doc" Kauffman, built a crude wooden guitar as a pickup test rig, local country players started asking to borrow it for gigs. Fender was intrigued, and in 1949, when it was long understood that solid construction offered great advantages in electric instruments, but before any commercial solid-body Spanish guitars had caught on (the then-small Audiovox company apparently offered a modern, solid-body electric guitar as early as the mid-1930s), he built a better prototype.

That hand-built prototype, an anonymous white guitar, had most of the features of what would become the Telecaster.

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