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The first part of the adoption process is to submit an APPLICATION FOR ADOPTION online at

Once you have completed and submitted the application, it will be reviewed by an application committee who will decide if it is an appropriate application for one of our Shih Tzus or for a particular dog in which you are interested.

While our volunteers are located in Minnesota, we are committed to rescuing Shih Tzus from other states as well.

As long as we have an available foster home, we will rescue and care for another Shih Tzu.

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All donations to STRMN are tax deductable and 100% of donations go toward the care and comfort of our rescued dogs.We got 5 toppings between the 2 pizzas, and not one had any taste at all. I get wanting to eat natural and whole and healthy and all that, but I've had "real" food I could actually taste, and this was not it.The piece of her prosciutto I tried might as well have been paper. Not sure if "Neopolitan Pizza" means "The more money you give us, the more we'll put on your pizza, but don't worry, you won't taste a thing", but if that is what they're going for, they nailed it.My wife said this place broke the rule of sex and pizza, "when it good, it's amazing, and when it's bad it's still pretty good." I'd have to agree.I'd give the crust maybe a 7 out of 10, but my wife's was black and burnt and gross.

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