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Unfortunately for Ginny, Harry ends their relationship to protect her from Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.They continue to love each other, despite being separated, and Harry finds solace in studying the Marauder's Map to feel a connection to her at Hogwarts."It's a miracle he has not been through the criminal system earlier," Mr Potter said. Today the Federal Government announced an inquiry into Australia's Indigenous incarceration rate, which Attorney-General George Brandis has described as a "national tragedy".In his sentencing remarks, Mr Potter referenced the difficulties facing Aboriginal people in WA's judicial system and urged the boy to be the face of change."You don't want to be part of the problem, you want to be part of the solution."In 10 years I want to look you up and see your successes.""If people were able to walk a mile in your shoes, I think they'd be as astounded by you as I am."The teenager was facing 49 theft and burglary charges, after stealing property worth more than 000.Oh, and every last one of them is drop-dead beautiful.So it’s no surprise that the girls have been linked to some of the hottest guys in Hollywood, even though sometimes those stories are just plain FALSE.A magistrate in regional Western Australia has taken an unusual approach to reducing the Indigenous incarceration rate, telling a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy to be like the American rapper 50 Cent.

Hermione Grainger would definitely have disapproved, but Emma Watson just wanted to have fun.They both take part in the final battle, after which we see that Harry plans that they will reunite.In the Epilogue, we learn that Harry and Ginny have reconciled, Harry has married Ginny and they have three children.After all, there had been little scope for frivolity during the decade she spent portraying the prim and proper Hermione in the seven Harry Potter films.So she made up for it in a big way while filming her new, post-Hogwarts school-set drama, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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