Recipient policies not updating on exchange

However, even when a retention policy is assigned to a folder, you can select one or multiple messages, and then assign a different policy to only those messages.A policy assigned to a message takes precedence over any inherited folder policy.Logon to the new Exchange 2010 Server and open the Exchange Management Console.

When you need additional SMTP addresses for your users, go to the Recipient Policies folder on the server and create a new policy.This ensures that a signature is appended, irrespective of which Microsoft Exchange server the message is submitted to.The Exclaimer console has a built-in Policy Tester, which allows you to define a message with particular properties (sender, recipients, subject, etc.) and test which signature policies would be applied.MRM makes it easier to keep messages that are needed to comply with organization policy, government regulations, or legal needs, and to remove content that no longer has legal or business value.Organizations can create default retention policies for all mail items in an Exchange Server mailbox, specific policies for default folders — such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Junk E-mail — or create retention policies that users can apply to folders or individual items.

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